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Toninho Horta
World On a String
Playing with Andy Bey
Duo gig with Maucha Adnet
Duo with Frank Wess
With Frank Wess
With Steve LaSpina
With Jon Hendricks at the Blue Note NYC
With Bill Mays
World On a String at Trumpets
With Toninho Horta at Trumpets
With Peter Washington
With Vanderlei Pereira
With Jon Hendricks and Annie Ross at the Blue Note NYC
With Jon Hendricks at Mintons
With Jon Hendricks at Lincoln Center
With Horace Silver
With Helio Alves
With Gene Bertoncini
With Chuck Deardorf
With Bill Charlap
With Jon Burr
With Cidinho Teixeira, Nanny Assis, and Greg Jones
With Andy Bey at the Jazz Bakery
With Paul Bollenback at Roger Borys Guitar Shop
With Gene Bertoncini
In Bari, Italy, with the great musicians at Il Pentagrama - left to right - Renato Chicco Paulo Magn
Euforia- with Santi Dabriano and Vanderlei Pereira
with Frank Wess at Kitano
with great Brazilian musicians Cafe, Fabiana Cozza and Renato Braz during rehearsal for Paul Winter’
World on a String Trio
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